About Me

Hi There,protein 4 women

My name is Sandra. I have been a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer and Health and Fitness Coach since 2004. My focus, from the start, has been on women’s health and wellness.

I decided to become a Personal Trainer after working with a female trainer who provided me with valuable information and helped me lose more than 12% body fat.

Since becoming a Personal Trainer, I have worked full time as a Personal Trainer and as a Fitness Supervisor at a women’s gym and spa in Los Angeles for most of my career. In the past few years I have been working independently–training women in private training studios in the Los Angeles area.

I have worked with women from all backgrounds, ages and health and fitness levels. I have trained students wanting to improve their athletic performance, middle age women wanting to lose 5-100 pounds and senior citizens wanting to improve balance, strength and mobility. I have helped women improve their health, gain strength, lose weight, increase muscle mass, improve balance and posture and increase endurance.

Having been interested in health and nutrition ever since I can remember, I focus on the nutritional aspects of health and fitness more than most trainers I have worked with or have known. My goal is to educate my clients on the intricacies of proper nutrition so that they can make good food choices, no matter what situation comes up.

I find that most of my clients, as well as many people in general, eat far too many unhealthy carbs and not enough veggies and healthy protein.

Veggies people understand. Protein–a bit more complicated. There is so much info out there on what to eat and what not to eat and how much of this and how many of that, that it’s hard for anyone to figure out what to do. It all becomes too overwhelming.

My goal is to help women of all ages improve their health and wellness by making good, healthy choices–especially when it comes to protein. Questions about protein come up often: “How much protein should I eat?”  “What other sources of protein are there besides red meat, fish and chicken?”   “What do I eat when I can’t cook?”   “What do I eat when I don’t have time?”  “Which protein bars are good?”…

Join me in exploring these and other questions.