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Zing Protein Bars Review For Women

Zing Protein Bars Review For Women
Zing Protein Bars

Review For Women

I’ve tried a lot of protein bars over the years.  Since becoming a pescatarian, I have been searching even harder for healthy protein bars to meet my protein needs. However, I have found that high protein often equals high artificial ingredients and an artificial taste. Also, while being high in protein, they tend to be high in total fat and saturated fat.

First, let me explain what I consider a “protein” bar.  For me, 10 grams of protein per bar is the minimum qualification to be classified as a “protein” bar. Unless you start looking at bars that are designed for bodybuilders and those looking for very high protein, 10 grams of protein, or more, is not so easy to find–especially if you are looking at fat and sugar as well.

Let’s take a look at Zing Protein Bars. Can these bars be a good choice for women looking for a relatively healthy bar with a balance of protein, sugar and fat? Continue reading Zing Protein Bars Review For Women

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