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Pumpkin RX BARS-Review

Pumpkin RX BARPumpkin RX BARS–Review

Fall is the time to  find everything PUMPKIN!

Every year more and more pumpkin flavored foods come out in all sorts of places–restaurants, coffee houses, donut shops, supermarkets… Not just good old pumpkin pie. There is pumpkin flavored coffee, tea, scones, muffins, pancakes, cookies, ice cream, cheesecake and even soup, pasta and pasta sauce. Unfortunately, most of these pumpkin flavored foods are not very healthy. Most have a lot of fat and sugar to say the least.  Many are full of artificial flavors and other ingredients.

If you love pumpkin, there are a lot of “treats” to try. Most of these delicious foods are only available for a short time each year. Popular items even sell out fast. When I first tried a particular pumpkin flavored coffee a few years ago, I loved it. When I finished the package I went back to the store to get more; it was sold out! I had to wait an entire year to get it again. The next year I stocked up.

When thinking of pumpkin flavored foods, protein bars and nutrition bars are not usually what come to mind. But why not? If you are looking for a natural bar with no dairy, gluten or soy and no added sugar and you love pumpkin, RX BAR PUMPKIN SPICE  is definitely worth a try! Continue reading Pumpkin RX BARS-Review